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About the Label

Trisvaraa came into being in March 2018. The label offers some of the finest heritage Indian hand-woven textiles and beautifully designed hand-embroidered ensembles.

The products are quintessentially Indian in form and spirit; they are traditional and timeless with a contemporary appeal. The idea behind Trisvaraa was to present to the world a different interpretation of our heritage weaves and intricate and delicate hand-embroideries of our master weavers and artisans respectively. In Aparajita’s words: “Trisvaraa celebrates Indian craftsmanship in its truest form”.

As is the story of any new creative beginning there were many challenges along her journey. Aparajita states that she found a sense of freedom in this competitive and challenging world of luxury fashion. She says, “I have always been a creative person but I worked in the corporate sector for many years. However when career fatigue set in and the boardrooms did not hold any appeal, I shifted to the world of design and fashion without any prior experience in this sector. There was always the fear of failing with the added fear of financial losses. It has been an uphill task to establish my label and bring it to its current form. The only thing I started out with was an innate love for fabrics, textiles, designs and colours and an eye for detail”.

When asked to describe her label in three words, her reply was instantaneous: “TIMELESS, HAND-CRAFTED LUXURY”.

Trisvaraa’s focus has always been to use hand-woven textiles and employ age-old skills of different kinds of hand-embroidery techniques. In these times of fast fashion, through her label, she promotes the idea of sustainable and slow fashion and advises people to buy less and choose well and to do away with the idea of wearing a hand-crafted garment only once. According to her, if you choose well, you will surely want to wear an outfit more than once. The label continuously strives to maintain the highest standards in quality and purity with every new collection. A Trisvaraa ensemble is a promise of trust and faith. We always try to deliver more than we promise.

TRISVARAA is also an endeavour to rekindle our love for exquisite heritage hand-embroidery which is unfortunately but surely on the decline. Fashion trends influence the choices of the younger population; however, as they get older, they gravitate towards timeless and traditional silhouettes. Trends will always be there; but they will always be fleeting, momentary and temporary. On the other hand, the grace and charm of a traditionally hand-crafted garment will always have its own timeless appeal. However, it is a challenge to keep the cost of production low when designing a unique completely hand-embroidered ensemble. Aparajita states: “We do get a lot of requests to bring down costs. The only way forward is to introduce mechanized skills in my designs. I have already started working on my next collection bearing this in mind”.

About the Designer

Aparajita states: “My designs define me. Establishing my own clothing line has definitely not been an easy task in today’s world. It requires a lot of hard work and perseverance and patience. Creating a market space for my creations has not happened in a day. My journey has just started, and I plan to go a long way. To constantly create new designs is challenging and I would not have it any other way. I love my work passionately and I thank God for giving me an opportunity to do something I love doing”.

Trisvaraa is for the woman of today who is beautiful, bold, smart, intelligent and who wants to look her best every single day of her life. The label is no doubt young and new, but our work is rooted in the ancient art of traditional handloom weaving and exquisite hand-embroidery. The journey so far has been very enriching and gratifying in terms of creative fulfilment. Aparajita adds: “My designs give me the freedom to express myself in a way not found anywhere else and I am looking forward to the rest of this journey”

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